Smart City Projects

जल (WATER)

24x7 water supply with the revamped stormwater system, a Hydrological Information system and mandatory rainwater harvesting. Elimination of groundwater dependence.Augmentation of existing water supply system. New Source of surface water integrated to Bilaspur with elimination of ground water usage, a 260 crore project (gravity based). 24X7 water supply with SCADA and smart metering. Shifting of source from ground to surface for fulfilment of 24x7. Re-designed storm water drain Network. 100% Rainwater harvesting in Govt. Buildings and Mandatory water harvesting in all new buildings. Adequate water supply including waste water recycling and storm water reuse Augmentation of existing Water Supply system and Strengthening of distribution Network, Allied Civil Works, Bulk Flow meter at each Zone inlet Junction, Smart Consumer Meters, PLC & SCADA with Water quality sensors and leakage detection for Entire System. Laying of sewerage & septage network, managment and connection with STP for recycling. Decentralized waste water recycling plants for Lake recharging and urban landscaping. Promoting and installing dual piping system in new buildings, showcasing a proof of concept and Incentivizing conversion in Existing buildings. Redesigning and implementing a revamped storm water Drain network and channelizing for recharging of water bodies.


Provision of Housing for all through Beneficiary led, Credit linked and Affordable housing both in In-situ and ex-situ models. 3374 Hhs to be constructed, nearly 2000 tender.Affordable housing under HFA under PPP projects.. 2 Raen Basera 1 working women hostel. 1 Old age home. Rental housing at Shanischari bazaar redevelopment. Redevelopment of Administrative housing with 50% reclaimed as public greens.


Skill development (Sangawari) in Municipal schools in evening on PPP model. Vendor upgradation. Startup centre with EoDB facilitation centres. ATAL tinkering labs in association with schools. A target of making 100% people skilled by 2030. Skill development centres at 3 location. Digital literacy with online courses and information centres at 5 locations .Atal Tinkering lab at 7 locations linked to Research and Innovation Council and Forums. Incubation centre at 2 locations. E-Classrooms in 11 redeveloped schools. E-Library and Library at Sabha Griha. Lok Adalat space at 5 location. Up-gradation of ‘Chowdi’(Labour market) to a formal Job Market with integration to e-Skill & Digital employment exchange portal. Modular Vending Kiosks for 9 new defined vending zones integrated with an online payment and allocation platform. Gender resource center at 5 locations having a Doctor, Lawyer, Career counsellor and psychologist.


24x7 Electric supply with underground electric wiring, Solar Plants and rooftop solar panels. 100% sewerage access and 30% decentralized treatment 100% sustainable SWM components. 100% D2D collection.Smart metering for water and Electricity. City Wide SCADA of electricity and water. Underground Electric Wiring in Bilaspur City. Augmentation of sewerage and septage E-waste, hazardous waste and plastic waste collection point .Biomass Plant at Central Jail. LED street lighting across Bilaspur Fed by 100% solar power.

स्वस्थ (HEALTH)

Public Toilets, Barrier-free Divyang friendly infrastructure. NMT infrastructure, one-touch Emergency response, e-medicine, and Green Necklace with shared space sports Infrastructure and Rent-a-Cycle scheme which will reduce pollution.Public feedback system and Find my Toilet app.Water ATM’s at 11 locations of public parking.Public Laundry at 2 locations with NET ZERO compliance. Rent-a-cycle stations at 22 locations integrated with Bilaspur City-Jan Card. 7.69 KM long Happy Street redevelopment with walking and cycling tracks. One-Touch City-Jan emergency response using a wearable device. 3 Wellness center including Yoga center, aerobics, open gym and health spa.Open Gym and Children Friendly Parks at 21 New Locations covering a total of 49.42 acres.

हरिहर (GREEN)

Development of public open spaces at 11 locations with urban plaza creation, integrated street sections and Vertical greens. Provision of e-rickshaws by phasing out of autos & cycle rickshaws.Karbala Talab, Jatiya Talab and Tala Para Talab redevelopment integrated with 2 STP, Solar power generation and water sports. Redevelopment of 4 existing parks. 56.76 acres of new Greens added to city parks and 55.38 acres of open areas. 7.69 KM long Arpa-Anadam green street reclaimed from a covered drain.

परिवाहन (TRANSPORT)

A Net-Zero revolutionary e-rickshaw rapid transit system. Provision of Smart bus Shelters integrated with e-Toilets. 6 multimodal and logistics hubs. Improvement of Major Roads revamped intersection & Smart parking. 500 e-Rickshaw sanctioned already through subsidy and NULM. 100% elimination of diesel rickshaws (carbon reduction) .Pelican Traffic Lights with Auditory response and Variable Message Signage(VMS). Smart Parking at 11 locations for 2,4, buses and NMT. 10,000 parking spaces identified. Smart IPT stands with information on Buses, routes and timings. e-charging stations integrated with Parkin-Bilaspur App, online availability as well as payment and NCPI enabled Bilaspur City-Jan Card. Multi-Modal interchanges at 5 locations on Bilas path for city bus and other transport interchange. Traffic intersection redesign at 28 locations for better movement of pedestrians and NMT. 50 City buses acquired and Depot work completed. Integrated with Prepaid card system which has been accepted by citizens. Long distance buses outside the city limit (4 bus stands) location identified, tender done.


100% fibre laying across 27.62 Km of road length in BBCS. Creating ATP Centers, Panic buttons, Asset management for waste and water, GIS-based property database linked to other verticals, Bilaspur Smart City Card with digital wallet Leveraging City wide OFC infrastructure through PPP. Wi-Fi hubs across Bilaspur at all public places. 70 ATP kiosks across Bilaspur with Wi-Fi hotspots. Panic button at 11 parking locations, 5 multimodal hubs, all Bus stops, all buses and all traffic lights. CCTV surveillance. Bilasa Greens redevelopment project spread over a 19.13 acres.