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The land of eternity and artistic stone sculptures, Tala is located on the bank of the Maniari River near the village of Ameri Kampa. Often identified as the Sangamagrama Tala is situated at the confluence of Shivnath and Maniari River. Most famous for its Devrani-Jethani Temples, Tala was discovered by J.D.Welger, an assistant to the well-known archaeologist Alexander Cunningham in1873-74. Historians have claimed that the Tala village dates back to the 7-8th century AD.

Located near Tala is the Sargaon Village that boasts of the Dhoom Nath Temple.Tala is a land of precious archaeological excavations that have revealed excellent sculpture work.These exquisite excavations narrate the prosperity of Tala during the 6th to 10th century AD. However, the various excavated ruins obtained and the sculpture-style tell us the various dynasties that reigned Tala were Lord Shiva’s devotees and propagators of the Shiva religion. Perhaps, that is why, even today Shiva devotees flock to the temples here in order to perform various rituals and chant the holy Mahamrityunjay Mantra. Lord Shiva’s devotees offer their prayers here and also love to visit other excavations. Tala is also home to various temples which include the Ram-Janaki Temple, the Swami Purnanand Mahajan Temple and Gaushala.


Malhar city is located on the road leading from Bilaspur to Shivri Narayan in South-West from Bilaspur, located 14 km from Musvur. The importance of Malhar has increased due to being situated on the main road leading to art-north India from the south east. This town gradually developed and the construction of the temples and monastery of Shaiv, Vishashva and Jain Dharmavalaibiyo became large. Vishnu has a unique statue in Malhar. There is an article written in Mauryan Bramhlipi on it. It is almost B.C. 200. Kalhar is found in Malhar and its proximity area, especially Shaiv temples, which have found the elevation of Shaivism in this area. The remarkable statue of Shiva, Kartikeya, Ganesh, Skandmata, Ardhanarishwar, etc. which was created from fifth to seventh century AD, has been received here. The story of Kachchhp Jatak is written on a sculpture. On the Shilapat, a swamp of a turtle has been taken from the dry pond and two swans have been taken to the reservoir.


Bilaspur city is famous for Kanan Pendari Zoo. It is a small zoo located near Sakri, about 10 km from Bilaspur on Mungali Road.

City bus is operated by Bilaspur City Bus Ltd for transportation of commuters.

Luthra Sharif

"Baba Sayed Insan Ali Shah’s Dargah in Chhatisgarh , is one of the biggest pilgrim attractions. Devotes come from far-off lands to seek the blessings of baba Sayed Insan Ali Shah every year. One of the most sacred shrines in india, the Luthra Sharif is another famous attraction in Bilaspur. Popularity: People from different religions come here to fulfil their desires by participating in various rituals. At the Luthra Sharif, they present a new Chaadar (Gilaaf) and fresh rose petals. This is a representation of their faith and deep rooted belief that all their wishes and dreams will come true.